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About Me

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I am an avid nature and wildlife photographer born in India and currently living in the Netherlands. I have been pursuing nature photography, in addition to my day job, for over 15 years. My passion is to capture the beauty of nature and bring it to you through my lenses. I have travelled to some of the most exotic locations in the world to capture the essence of nature and in the process undertaken some exciting activities - sleeping on the desert dunes under the milky way, hiking in a pitch dark jungle under a pouring sky, getting dangerously close to venomous snakes, trying to photograph tigers in 47°C scorching heat and golden eagles in -25°C freezing cold etc. An image is merely an outcome of these activities. I hope to inspire people to see the world differently and to appreciate the beauty of our planet. Thank you for visiting!

Madhusudan Hari


Thank you for reaching out!

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